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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stone Grill with my family

My family and I went to try Stone Grill in Vancouver.
The restaurant is a little different from other steak-houses because they serve your main courses on a hot stone and let you cook your meat to however well-done you want it to be.

I ordered the bacon potato soup.
It was really good =9

Ta-da! The main course.
A raw piece of steak on a super hot stone. I was surprised at how quickly the stone can cook the meat... Because I'm a pretty slow eater, I couldn't eat it fast enough, so most of my steak was too well-done by the time I put the next piece in my mouth =(

And of course, dessert!
We tried all three different desserts available.

Unfortunately, I don't remember their names X_X...
but this one was the best out of the three:

The cheesecake was mediocre. We ended up not even finishing a fifth of it...

Overall, this was an interesting experience. It's nice to try something different once in a while, but I wouldn't recommend this restaurant because I feel that their food is over-priced for the quality you receive. For the same amount of money, I could go to another restaurant and have a great chef cook my steak to the way I like it instead of doing it myself, haha.

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