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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A girly lunch

A few days ago, I hosted a mini lunch with my girlies + a gentleman haha.
Since my friends gave me some pretty positive feedback on some of the food I made at my previous lunch gathering, I made some of the same foods again for my dear girlies to try =]

We had less food than the last lunch gathering because we had less people this time (but this was still plenty for only the four of us):

 (many repeated from last time's lunch gathering menu hehe)

Deviled eggs
Stuffed grape tomatoes
Turkey sandwiches
Strawberry & blueberry tarts
Mango & kiwi tarts
Strawberry mousse
Egg tarts (from K)
Coffee cupcakes (also from K!)
Fruit punch

Stuffed grape tomatoes

Deviled eggs

The two types of fruit tarts + turkey sandwiches:

Coffee cupcakes:
The best cupcakes I have ever tasted. Not even exaggerating =9

Strawberry mousse

...and the fruit punch:

We also had a lot of fun playing with our iphone camera and the photo apps lol.

I loved K's cupcakes... she can really open up a cupcake store. Those were super delicious =D
I always get really exhausted while making the food, but once the eating and fun begins, you know it was all worth it - especially when the food didn't turn out to be a disaster haha!

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