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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My random cravings

I was so hungry and had a craving to just order appetizers from a restaurant...
Jackie and I ended up going to Boston Pizza to satisfy that randomness.

This was such a huge portion of nachos... I was already full after this appie...

Pepperoni and Feta Thin Crust Pizza
This pizza was good, too. But I was so full by the time we finished our nachos, so I only had a slice.

I was a bit surprised when we were paying for our bill...
I asked for some extra sour cream for the nachos and I didn't know there was an extra charge for it. I wouldn't mind if the extra charge was like 50 cents... or even a dollar... but $2 for a tiny bowl of sour cream?! I could've walked over to PriceSmart Foods next door and gotten a tub of sour cream for $2 or $3. What a rip-off. Wow, I sound like such a cheap asian XP.

Because it was such a sunny day, we went to the Steveston harbor for a walk.
We got some screamers XD. I haven't had these since I don't remember when...

Jackie had the root beer flavor. Mine is orange crush.
Excuse my ugly chipped nail polish.

And then we just chilled at Garrypoint.

It was a really nice, relaxing way to end the day.
I love summer.

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