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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Restaurant super fail

To celebrate Father's Day and my mommy's birthday, we went to try a restaurant we haven't been to before. The place is called Zen and is located in Steveston.

All I can say is that place is a joke.
The service was incredibly bad and awkward and slow... And so was the food.
I don't wanna rant in detail about the place on my blog since I typed up a really long review for this restaurant on Yelp (click here if you wanna read my long rant). So I'll just brief through our dishes.

++ If my wonderful pictures accidentally made the food look tasty, do not be fooled. ++
++ The food is NOT tasty. ++

Bok Choi Stew
This was the appetizer stew. It was alright.

Some Curry Thing with Pieces of Chopped Abalone
All I could taste was curry. The taste of curry was so over-powering that you can't even tell what else is in this shell of mushy yellow paste.

Boiled... or steamed... shrimps.
Looked nice on the plate. Tasted average.

No idea what this dish was called...
But this was the best dish of the night. And even this was a bit too salty.

Dong Bo Meat
Not even comparable to other ones that I've had at other restaurants...
Between the 4 of us, I think only we ate 2 or 3 slices?

Bo Jai Fan
Omg. This was a fail. Not to the point that the dish tastes horrible, but it fails to the point where my brother and I ate a few bites and went out to get McDonald's instead.

There were only four tables occupied including our table, but they said they were really busy, hence the slow service. We were in the restaurant for over two hours. Actual eating time was probably 15 minutes? =_=

What a horrible place.
I will not return here for another try, and definitely do not recommend this place to ANYONE.

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