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Monday, August 16, 2010

Picnic + failed crabbing

We decided to go crabbing today, so yesterday, David and I made some yummy picnic food to bring there. Our time and effort was so worth it once we started eating XD.

Yummy in our tummies, haha.

It was a super nice day, but I guess it was also because of the nice weather that there were too many people there. The dock was full of people crabbing already when we got there...
We did manage to catch some crabs, but they were either too small or they were female, so we had to let them go =(
Next time, we should arrive at an earlier time and get good spots before the dock fills up with people...

I had fun just chilling at the dock while waiting to pull up the nets, though =]

Didn't fish any crabs home today, but we're gonna go again XD

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