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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bright Nights + Papi

Today was the last day to see Stanley Park's Bright Nights lights, so Jackie and I went there to see them.
I gotta say that the decorations were not that impressive. The lights were pretty, yes, but most of the decorations there were these ugly-looking random santas, bunnies, reindeers, etc. Some of them looked pretty freaky, actually.

We took pictures of some of the better ones, haha.

I liked this gingerbread house one the best XD
Then, we went to a restaurant called Papi's for dinner.
The food was great! Jackie ordered their risotto and I got some ravioli.

They look kinda gross in the pictures because of the lighting...
That restaurant is definitely worth a revisit =]
We were too full to try the desserts... but next time!

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